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Well i finally got he brokem frain bolt replaced and fixed, and the exhaust stud the i had to cut off to get the pipes out of the way.

So , I was going to just pull the intake hose on the water pump, drain the coolant and replace it with new stuff.
But when I pulled the hose, I noticed there was a lot of crud in the hose. Looked like chunky mud. I'm pretty sure it's coming from the radiator, because I poured some water in the filler cap, and water came out the hose dirty, but water came out of the pump clean. if i read the manual correctly, that would mean the water lines running through the engine are clean.

So, I want to clean out the radiator before I fill it again.
What is the best way to do this.?

I have seen the flush kits in the auto store, but don't know if it is ok to run those chemicals through the bike. I was thinking of just connecting a hose to the top of the radiator and run water through it until it runs clear.
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