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For those of you who fantasize about putting a Sabre rear fender on the Spirit here is the scoop. The mounting holes are exactly the same. The Sabre fender fits like a glove. Here are the steps I had to do:
1. I purchased the fender on ebay for $150. inc. shipping
2. I purchased all the lighting hardware used online thru this website for $80. If you order it new it will be about $300. - $400.
3. I had to have the fender match painted by a local shop for $275. unless your lucky enough to know some painter or you paint it yourself. Or if your bike's color happens to match the fender which is unlikely.
4. You will have to remove the saddlebag support brackets (The little black ones that are bolted inside and underneath your chrome stuts) that are stock on your Spirit as they will press against the wider Sabre fender. The mounting points are the same width on both fenders tho.
5. There is a trick to mounting the Sabre fender. I got an email from someone who tried it on their Spirit and I was told I would have to loosen up the shock mounts to be able to spread the struts apart. This is false. All you have to do is slowly lay the front of theSabre fender on the rear of the tire and roll it along the tire forward and then up into position. Piece of cake.
6. You have to have a wide Mustang Seat to work. The same seat for the Sprit is also for the Sabre. You will have to move the bracket in the rear of the seat to the Sabre position. (2 screws)
7. A little rewiring and your done.
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