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Your choices are very limited. If you really want to use those lights (which look good by the way), you will have to lose the running light capability. But...before you decide to go that way, you may want to check with your local authorities to make sure you can do that. There may be a law that requires running lights up front. (Hey, don't blame me...I didn't write them...and honestly...not sure it exists...but I would want to know before I went through the trouble of putting them on only to find out they had to be taken off because the bike wouldn't pass inspection.)

As for the running light wires to the stock signals, you can either disconnect them in the headlight and leave them dangling or remove the wire completely. If you decide to leave the wire in the bundle, you can seal the loose end at the signal inside the heat shrink you are going to put on the new wires. You were going to put heat shrink on them...right?

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