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Ok, real stupid question, how is a vtwin pulse supposed to feel?

I have had this bike for almost 2 years and about 10k miles, and I think it is a strong running and smooth example of the Spirit 1100. That being said, it's no valk. But it is way smoother than my friends Harley.

With the Spirit, it accelerates smoothly, without any of that classic vtwin pulse for 90% of my ride, but when I roll on the gas about half throttle or more, say at 40mph in 3rd gear (remember Spirits are geared taller than Sabers), I feel a strong staccato like vibe while it pulls (which I like very much).

What I don't like is when I am in 5th and rolling the throttle at 60 mph, or climbing a hill, or even heading into a strong headwind. Sometimes, I get the staccato pulse for an extended period. When everything levels out and I ease off the gas a little, all is good.

Is this how your pulse is? Perhaps I should be in 4th until a higher speed? Or maybe I should stop being a Nancy and just twist the throttle!
:shock: Yep! MY wife checks my pulse every morning. I'm old. She's thinking life insurance. :shock:
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