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It IS a perception thing...

I hear ya Beezer (pun intended).

When I got my Aero, it had a set of V&H longtubes on it with no baffles. When they fired it up, I thought "Oh no! I'm not going to be one of THOSE bikers!" Loud.

I put baffles in the pipes and it was much quieter, but with the baffles, it sounded like it was wheezing to me. I pulled the baffles back out and for about a week or so, I felt like I needed cut-off sleeves, patches on my back and a chain-driven wallet (on a SHAFT driven bike I might add). :lol:

After a while, the sound really started to grow on me, and now I turn my head to hear the pipes better as I scoot down a stretch of highway at 60mph. That constant growl from the pipes sounds good to me, not obnoxious, as I had initially thought that it would. Now, I also don't chomp the throttle at EVERY red-light as might be the habit of some riders. And I don't need to downshift into low at 50mph either. Although there are still times when I feel the need to "make sure the engine is still running".

I like the classic bikes (like this motorcycle was designed to emulate) and I drive it like it was designed. The design, the sound and the riding style all suit me to a "T", pipes and all.

I would REALLY like to own a Pan, Knuckle or even a Flathead-powered Harley or Indian, but I enjoy the reliability and relative comfort of the Aero.
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