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Hmm..There is not a winner in this type of argument. Choosing a motorcycle is subjective at best. You can argue all you want about the attributes of each brand until the cows come home but there will never be a one right choice.

Take the argument regarding trucks. You will find heated/ passionate arguments about whose brand is “the best”. Metric .vs domestic. Domestic .vs domestic. You could argue that Chevy makes the most advanced truck on the market for the last 30 years or that Ford has the most sales year over year or argue Toyotas dependability. I wanted a Dodge because I think they make a better looking rig than any other brand that sounds like a truck and not a Nissan Leaf. You might disagree with my reasoning but I could care less. I like what I like and you like what you like.

I picked up my HD for what I would call a steal. I could have easily turned the bike for a few thousand dollars profit and that was what I was going to do. Not having any particular allegiance to make or model. It was six of one and half a dozen of the other for me. Once I got that bike out and started riding it, I was hooked. To me it was everything I wanted in a motorcycle, the sound and feel were perfect. I like radiators but not more than the powerful feeling of the motor in my hands.

My neighbor runs a goldwing. I can barley tell when he goes by. It sounds more like something out of the cartoon “the jetsons” than I would like. He love’s it and is getting set to go to his quarterly goldwing rally that includes chapters from four states (hmm no less kool-aid than Hog). He loves his bike and I fell in love with my HD. We like our bikes for very different reasons and that should be just fine for other people. If it’s not, it’s really an emotional or personal growth issue for the individual arguing about it more than anything else.
Best post of the entire thread.
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