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Facts are facts and throughout this thread you haven't advanced any.

The fact is that HD's TC motor is something of a dud. Not their best work.

HD owners here are loathe to accept that...but it doesn't change the facts.

Go have a look at the HD Forums sometime...I've used it as a source for work-arounds and various common issues with Harleys for years...there's TONS of detailed Tech Info there.

By comparison...this Honda Shadow forum doesn't have NEARLY the in-depth tech info the HD Forums have.

Why? Simple...there's virtually nothing of significance that ever goes wrong with a Honda V-Twin.

Personal Insults.
You and a few others, Harley owners for the most part, have called me a few schoolgirl names in this thread, but beyond that haven't said much that has been worthy of note.

Kool-Aid. Harley Davidson are marketing geniuses. That wasn't always true...
- The 1st time Honda nearly bankrupted HD, AMF was the Rescuer.
- The 2nd time Honda nearly bankrupted HD, US Govt Taxes were the Rescuer.
- The 3rd time Honda nearly bankrupted HD, internal management looked to the Marysville Plant and Toyota's JIT processes to get on track.

That's when HD decided to bridge the gap with the whole Retro Drink the Brotherhood Koolaid Nothing is like a Harley approach.

And despite the allegations of Stock Price manipulation, creative Financing and Inventory voodoo since then, HD is still around....the KoolAid has influence an entire generation of Americans that a Harley davidson motorcycle is the best there is...which is a gigantic lie, but if y'all wanna pretend you're livin' your life like cowboys in a Bon Jovi video, hey, drink up, buttercup, but keep in mind there are lots of people, lots and lots and lots, who think that stuff is 50 Shades of Gay (in the Southpark way).

Irony. When I point out Honda's leading position in the Global Motorcycle industry versus the junk Harley sells (almost exclusively) to Americans and suggest to HD Owners they ought to go hang out at the HD Forum where the "true believers" are...that's not ironic, that's just good sense. What IS ironic are a bunch of HD owners hanging out on a Honda Shadow Forum...and having the NERVE to get their panties in a twist when a Honda Owner trots out the Facts about your inferior motorcycle.

Bike vs You. You are not your bike, so when I point out your Harleys are not nearly as reliable or well-engineered as my Hondas...that's not about you, you see. It's about that lump in your driveway. When you reply with childish "insults" (yo momma!)'re actually saying a lot more about yourself than me.

I hope this helps clear things up for you and the other brain-stunted HD owners in the house.

:p <---this is a smiley; it's an internet thingy used to let you know I'm laughing at you.
Damn. I bet you've reread this 9 or 10 times.... pattin' yourself on the back each time for this exceptional piece of wittiness.

(9_9). <------ This is ASCII. It's an Internet thingy used to let you know that I'm rolling my eyes at you.

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