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Good answers so far.

Here is my opinion. First, let me preface this by saying that I use the Mobil 1 MXT 10W40 motorcycle oil in my 97 ACE 1100. I do change my oil more often than I need to, target 3000 miles, and normally use Honda OEM filters.

As long as you use a quality oil of the correct type and follow the change intervals for oil and filter, you will be fine.

I was with Valvoline as the branded sales rep here in ALabama from 1989 to 2001, and I have have heard many falsehoods and rumors, and had access to some of the best oil and filter minds in the industry. I am not a mechanical person as many of the contributors are, but have picked up enough info. to help me see beyond some of the clutter.

I do prefer a motorcycle specific oil such as the Mobil 1 based upon the fact that the additive package was blended with motorcycle operational characteristics and needs in mind. Is this necessary for long life and optimal performance? I doubt it, and the price can be escalated. Most of the forum members seem to use oils marketed for automobiles, and they have no negative issues. Neither is right or wrong, just a matter of preference. I would have no problem using a regular oil, as long as it met the correct specs. Either way, I'll change it at 3000 miles whether I need to or not. It is your choice. You just don't want oil that is outside of the acceptable viscosity range for your riding area, or oil that contains the extra additives that might cause clutch slippage.

Napa filters were made by either Wix or Champion, both quality suppliers, and most of my firnds use them on their bikes. I always end up using Honda OEM filters. Yes, Fram had some issues, and I do not know whether or not they got them resolved. Cut one open versus a competitor and you might not want one. Filter performance is important to me, so I stay with proven names.

It is all a matter of comfort and choice, and it sounds like you are doing your homework. Jim
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