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I use Mobile 1 MX4T on my '02 Shadow ACE. It's the only synthetic 10W-40 I can find in my small town and I didn't want to go thicker since I ride in really cold weather (manual recommends this, especially in cold weather).

Sure, it's an expensive brand and it probably makes no difference if you do changes regularly, but what the hell, it feels good. When I got my bike last year the oil in it was HORRIBLE (I think it had been in there for years - more like tree pitch than oil! It didn't help that I rode it 500 miles before checking it!) Out of sympathy, I'm babying the bike now and it's running much better. A little Seaform in your tank once in a while doesn't hurt either (cleans out the carbs).

I've been using the OEM filters, but my local stealer keeps cranking up the price (now 3x the price of Walmart). Although the fancy Honda filter wrench I have won't fit most other kinds of filters, I think I will switch to a cheaper filter.

These bikes are VERY forgiving and as long as you have some oil in there it's likely going to run fine.

Cheers, D-Mac
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