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Here's the scoop.. looking at a Cobra Billet tachometer model 01-1636 which 'fits' an '06 750 Spirit among other Hondas.

I've checked OEM part numbers and both the VLX and the Spirit use the same handlebar upper clamp. Seeing this tach mounts in place of one of the clamps, mounting doesn't look to be any problem. From reading here and other places it appears the VLX has dual coil single fire ignition. Is the '06 Spirit dual coil single fire ignition too? Will a tach for the Spirit wire into a VLX with no problems?

I've e-mailed Cobra stating the same thing I just typed above and their only response was "Our tachs are bike specific and we don't make a tach for the VLX". In other words no help.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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