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I'll tell ya more

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So there we were ( we came by car) two,brainless fools at the bar suffering from PMS and downing too much whiskey.
Ya know what Bill I said between shots, I just don't think I can
take it anymore.. I want to ride, no, I NEED to ride.
You wanna ride? Bill shot back. Then stop your whiny
assed whining and ride then dammit!

Yep, that was classic Bill, direct and brutal. So, like often happens we
got to going a verbal round or two, me reminding Bill about his own aversion to cold weather riding, and him calling me an old withered prick
and he threw in a few not so nice words about my know..two drunk fools at a bar.

We staggered out of the bar and somehow managed to make it to Bills sixty four Rambler wagon , now before you snicker, under the hood of that little wagon sits a well massaged mouse motor dialed in for street racing and he regularly lures some kid in a tuner car into a race for cash..anyway he fires it up and he drops me off at the homestead and says..Remember our agreement..see ya tomorrow.

Although I tried my best to be quiet Stacey's loud.. IS THAT YOU DON? letme know she was still awake.
Yep, Me I said..don't shoot I added, because well..she would. I sat on the edge of the bed and got undressed.. just then Stacey's cell went off, after few uh huhs and dagger glances at me she hung up. So what's this about you and Bill going on a freakin road trip in December,,starting from Maine no less!!!

Oh..I thought to myself so that is what I agreed to, what a moron! Stacey was ranting, using pretty much the same terminology to describe me, but I was too busy booking a flight to dream land to here much of it.

Why daylight seems to come quicker after you have committed to something stoopid I'll never know, but the morning sun was showing through the bedroom window before I knew it.

The rugrats were watching the old Saturday morning cartoon DVD I made for them and Stacey was cooking up some pancakes and bacon. Bill called she said , deliberately avoiding looking at me, he said he'll be here at nine. .
Sugar I said, I know you are pissed, but I gave Bill my word and you
know, drunk or not I will not go back on my word to a brother, especially
not Bill.

I just had enough time make sure the beast was road worthy. I did an oil change, checked the fluids, pressure, scoured for loose bolts and cracks in the frame, yep the old girl was ready to fly. I wasn't that sure bout myself though. It had been a long long time since I did this kind of riding.

Bill pulled up just as I was putting the tools away. Stacey had a cup of coffee ready for him s he came into the kitchen. She was starting to chill out,like I told her many times during our life..It Is what It Is, and she has slowly started to grab that concept in more than an intellectual way.

You ready to do this Bill asked as we walked down to the garage. Let's get moving I replied. He fired up his rat Kawasaki I got on the rest of my gear and backed the ACE out of the garage.. and so the adventure begins!

It was going to be a small ride, thousand mile round trip with a stay over in
the mountains.of NH then through the lakes region, seacoast and back home in the morning. But that is before Bills bike decided to puke oil two hundred miles into the trip, on a desolate stretch of back road... I'll tell ya more sometime
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Damn...that is so good....can't wait to hear more...
To be continued???


So did Bill clear the blocked PCV and y`all get back on the road???

Thanks CrazyDave

Merry Christmas,
Ann & Dennis
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Sounds like an adventure!
Can't wait to read more!
Honda>Kawasaki :-D
Honda>Kawasaki :-D
^^^^^+1, just say'in. ;). Good story so far Dave ...
Heard this before about the 'Long and Winding Road'... Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
OK; I'll wait for the next installment,CrazyDave.

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