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Hi all you motorcycle riders,

Long time browser, first time poster. I have a 95 vlx 600. The front cylinder is not firing. I have good spark. There is fresh, new fuel on my new plugs. I did a compression test which came back around 50 psi. I removed the valve cover and checked the valve clearances, which was within spec (.006 in / .008 ex). I did another compression test for kicks, which came out at about 130 psi. I then did another test to confirm the earlier one was not a mis-meter and it came back at about 50 psi. I'm stumped! :neutral: What is the next direction I should go?

Thank you for your help. :mrgreen:

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First step, initiate two more threads and then post this in the technical section.
Yep... ditto on that ^^^^^^ all the real gear heads troll that section and remember, they need to be two completely new threads, not replies to existing threads (moderators may not see the replies)

Anywho... Welcome!!!! :mrgreen:
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