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Installed flashers today.

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I did the alternate method for Chet's fourway flashers ( CHET'S FOURWAYS FOR BIKES ), installed everything like it said, and now when they're on, the ignition turns on and off. The only thing I can think of is putting it on the wrong blue and orange wires with the white stripe. When disconnected, they work normally.
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I changed the wire with the diodes to the straight orange and blue wires which fixed it. Its an 2003 Shadow A.C.E. My guess is the striped wires are for the running lights?
It's one of these:

Lighted SPST Rocker Switch - Radioshack

I drilled a hole on my gauge mount, then shoegooed that on there. I ran the ground wire to the ground point at the front of the bike.
I put a second flasher in. I think you can put a diode on the stock black/brown wire and use one since the gray wire only supplies power to the turn signal switch which is directed when the signal is turned on. I think that is what the diodes are for, so the voltage doesnt go back thru the switch or each other.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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