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I ordered the National Cycle light bar during black friday. They never go more than 10% off and managed to get a cs to take off 10 more . It was a chore. Like I read elsewhere the Allen wrench can only turn a mm at a time to put turn signals on. We also tapped into dimmer like they suggested and blew a fuse. Headlight was Barely lit. So took back apart and ran it back to my thunderbox which is what we should have done good now and have an on off switch also hooked up. Still need to.find something to hide the ugly red blue wires that go.out of the turn signals into the bar.

They show. Maybe a piece of my flexible trim. What I thought would be 2 hours tops took 4 or 5. Lower deflectors are ordered and will be here this week but they should be easy to put on. Also ordered a powerstart pigtail and it will be here tomorrow so left seat ofuf.



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