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Is it true cut springs mimic ^ spring rate

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My shocks suck. I'm 190lbs riding 1970s era technology with my damper rod suspended 96 shadow 1100 and I feel like a sitting duck.

Most cruisers sold these days have the same under sprung and simple damper rod design.

The result is unnerving in today's metro traffic.

Short of buying springs and valve emulators, has anyone cut their factory springs and thrown in some PVC spacers to boost functional spring rate?

Maybe heavier weight oil? I'm looking for opinions before I start chasing my tail!
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I think you hit the nail on the head.....damper rod forks suck. Unless you go with springs/emulators, you're still going to have plain old damper rod suspension.

Cut springs with longer spacers and heavier oil give too harsh of a ride. If you want your suspension to work, this means softer springs, medium oil and good valving. Or short of that....emulators.

Good handling suspenders are expensive, but they're worth it.
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