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Is it worth it to add pipes?

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Last year I purchased a pair of V&H , longshots for my Sabre. I also picked up the v&h quiet baffle for the pipes. I was planning on using flat, stove gasket rope in lieu of the fiberglass wrap. My question is to those who have performed the switch on an 1100. I want to improve the responsiveness of the throttle and overall performance. Did you find the noise to be excessive? I just want tohear some feedback before Iinstall the pipes, rejet the carbs and add a k&n air filter. The dtock and v&h pipes are both in very good condition so I am on the fence.What say you?

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I have V&H Longshots on my VN1500, they came with the bike and they have their own baffles, (mufflers) which are held in with a single bolt, They don't sound loud at all and I am even considering removing the baffles.

If you are considering wrapping the outside of the longshots with a covering consider this first..50% of people who wrap pipes do it to cover existing rust or damage and many people who have wrapped pipes say that the wrap holds damp against the surface of the pipes and actually causes rust.

To be honest I wasn't quite sure what you meant, that is why I posted what I did..

I've never heard of anyone trying to make baffles quieter and I'm not sure what will happen when you do, meantime if you do this it might be a good idea to monitor the result carefully, the thought of sticking a potato up the exhaust pipe comes to mind so I would be very interested in the result.

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