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it happened again

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Ran outta gas again, this time I had the fuel petcock in the opposite position and when she started sputtering I flipped it over, but to no avail, after I pushed her into a nearby fuel station and gassed her up she took 3.5 gals. of fuel again.
HMMMMMMM, now what?
And sorry Canyon wasn't around to take pics this time.
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upwards and I flipped it down, but last time when me and Canyon was riding I had it down and flipped it up and it didn't work that way either, one of these positions has to be the correct one, I would think.
thanx swifty I will have to do that tomorrow and see, I will drain the tank and check that out. how hard is it to change one of these valves, cost? thats the next step I guess, but I am why it would drain the tank in both positions? it took 3.5 gals. both times.
Sounds like you had it on reserve. I wonder if someone reversed the petcock handle?
One would think that at first but like I said I had it in the downward position and I believe that that is in the reserve position, so I figured my bad, but then I put 3.5 gals. in her and turn it upwards and she burns 3.5 gals. again and when I flip her down the tank is empty.
sounds like the reserve is open in either position?
If it is system with 2 pipes of different heights maybe one has rusted off or damaged previously. My bike has a different system, but I have seen photos of the pipe with a filter attached to it.
yep that sounds like what mine looks like
I'll have to take a pic tomorrow and post it, only have 75 miles on this tank so far, so probably still have about a half tank of fuel still in there, maybe when I get to 100 miles on it I will look into draining it then, probably by the weekend, we are getting alotta rain here in Fla. this week

You had it in the reserve position. All the way clockwise is reserve and fully counterclockwise is on. You can not put the lever on wrong.
I guess yes I did have it in the reserve position once, but it ran dry in both positions, I don't think it was put on wrong I just wonder why it's working wrong. Did I have it in the reserve position when it was up or down, cause it burn a full 3.5 gallons of fuel in both positions, You say the only problem is that when it was up it was in reserve and when it was down it was in reserve? so which way is not reserve?
I have 3 settings one at 6:00, one at 9:00 and one at 12:00, I know 9:00 is the off position and I ran outta fuel twice now, once when I was in the 12:00 position and once when I was in the 6:00 position. So I am assuming something is wrong. I just dont know if it's in the fuel tank or it's the petcock valve itself I guess. Both times in the 12:00 and 6:00 positions when I refueled it took 3.5 gallons of fuel, pretty much used the whole tank if I am correct these have a 3.5 gallon fuel tank capacity.
LOL, yeah it sure does, and then I push, will have to take it all apart and see how it works, first time doing that for me.
really ann, i do not know where you put that measuring cup????
Later returning it...
Ann says, "i found the measuring cup:d i can`t figure out why it smells of gas though?"

don`t get caught!!!
I've only read the first post.. But why don't you fill up at 60 miles it doesn't take a minute and doesn't cost a penny more.
One day you are going to be too old to push that thing uphill to the nearest fuel station.

Yes , that would work, but I am thinking of taking it to Pittsburgh in 3 weeks and its an 858 mile trip and would rather not have to stop every 100 miles for fuel, or would I? lol. I still have a half of tank of fuel in the tank now, I think, from just peering into it with a flashlight, and I can still see the fuel sloshing around, I think I will run it to 100 miles and then fill it to see what kinda mileage I am getting.
Thanx Captain

I think I would check the petcock operation with this tankful...
You have 75 miles on it now...
Ride until you reach 100 miles...
> I`m going on looking at the avatar pic of your Bike looking like my 750 ACE, and I switch to reserve anywhere from 108- 140 miles, depending on fill level <

At 100 miles, Switch knob forward/front of the Bike to 9o`clock/OFF, remove the fuel line, attach a hose to the petcock switch Down to 6o`clock, drain into a container...

>My petcock leaks while in the OFF position, be aware of this problem<

At this position you SHOULD empty the ON portion of fuel in the tank, which should be a small amount...
After the fuel stops flowing, empty the container...
Switch UP to 12o`clock/RES position...

Does fuel flow now?
IF so, empty the RES portion of the tank into the container...
Measure your fuel with a measuring device...
I use a marked feed bucket, baby bottles / OR IF you`re brave and reckless, swipe the wifes large measuring cup from the kitchen :D

Now that you have emptied the fuel from your tank, and know whether the petcock is working correctly, then proceed to remove the petcock from the tank, investigate and clean the petcock screen...

Free advice!!!

Lets RIDE!
BUT NOT run outta fuel;)

IF I had this problem, I think I might be temped to carry a quart of fuel in the saddlebag,
This sounds like the best advice so far, I think I will follow this, my bike is a 2000 Shadow Ace 750
what does your owners manual say about the positions of the petcock?
They way Captain described it, is the way it is shown in the owners manual, and also the way I had it the first time I ran outta fuel when I was riding with Canyon, but I assumed I was wrong and flipped it the other way with out double checking the book, we all know what happens when we assume.
What are you doing in Pittsburgh? That's only about an hour from me... If you run out of gas and need help or anything... :lol:

Joking aside, I just ran out of gas yesterday. My fault though, I planned on taking my tank off to sand blast and didn't want it full of fuel. I only put 1.5gal in Monday, then didn't sand blast the tank and thinking I filled it up I didn't get gas. Live and learn. I usually just get gas everyday or about every 100 miles which ever comes first.
I willbe in Pittsburgh from the 7th to the 11th of May for my wife's high school reunion, I will also have the book of John Hopkins with me if anyone in the area wants it
yep, I did reset tripometer after second time I ran outta fuel, got 90 miles on her so far, had to run out to Harbor Freight to get a new extension cord and stopped at the supermarket to pick up a 40 lbs. box of cat liter, 6 lbs of dry cat food and 4 lbs of canned cat food. did my shopping for the day, and can still see fuel level in the gas tank when I shake her a bit. May just carry a 1/2 gallon of fuel with me and let her run out again just to see what kinda fuel mileage I get.
The Book of John Hopkins

I don't know if the book has been to Florida yet, you would have to check the map.

The second edition will have to have a lot of blank pages..

Your book John is in Fla., It is in my possession, and I am trying to get some folks from Fla. in the book to represent us here. I have read almost all of it so far and am inspired to go to Wales, if time and money allows, the pictures are beautiful, or maybe just get out and see more of the U.S.A.
I have the petcock in the correct position now, actually I had it in the correct position the first time when I ran outta fuel riding with Canyon, I think, but it is in the correct position now and we'll see if there is something wrong with the petcock or me, lol.
Thanx for all your help guys, now I have a plan of action if it happens again.
Ok, got to 112 miles on the trip odometer and she started to sputter, quickly pulled into a gas station and filled her up rather then try to flip to res position with the petcock. She took 2.6 gallons. So I guess I learned 2 things here, 1: it's musta been me setting the fuel petcock wrong and 2: I am getting 43 mpg around town.
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