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It is time for me to get involved

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The start of the 2015 riding season is almost here. Well I assume it has already started for those lucky enough to be in warmer areas. Being in Canada, maybe I should have considered a snowmobile instead of a motorcycle after the winter we just had. Regardless, I look forward to seeing fellow riders out on the roads. Be safe out there.
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Hey TammieSS, I too try to ride as much as possible. I ride rain or shine. However, that has taken its toll on the bike. Plus being stored outside is hard on it. But I was determined to have a bike. I enjoy riding my bike so much! Life seems so much less stressful with a bike. I think all of us here can completely relate to this.

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Dartcuda, I am jealous! Being able to ride year round would be amazing. The latest I was able to ride was Christmas Eve two years ago. Three years ago, I rode up to about Dec 1st. I was out for supper in the evening and when I came outside it was snowing. I had a 10 mile ride. Thankfully it was melting on the road. But let me tell you that my butt cheeks were sore after that ride! Riding in the dark seeing snow falling in your bike's headlights is not an experience you forget.

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