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I just wanted to share this with everyone here on the forum as I still am amazed at just how small this world can really be on how the Internet has gotten so large it has created a great place to make friends.

Last October I started looking around for another bike and decided in November I was going to buy a bigger ride. At the time I wasn't a member of this forum so I didn't know anyone here. At that point I really didn't even know if I was going to buy a Honda, a Yamaha or a Suzuki.

I stopped up at a dealership called Action Honda which is near where we are staying ( Hudson, FL ) to look over their selection. They had several used bikes and of course the full line up of new ones. I selected a 2007 Aero for the wife which she loved and so now it was down to looking for a bike for me.

At the same time I am out shopping for a bike a guy named Steve from this forum ( Hunter58 ) was also out looking for a new bike. Just so happens to be that Steve lives in the next town over ( Spring Hill ) and he too decided to check out the inventory at Action Honda. He sees this red and black 02 ACE and thinks its a real nice bike and is very interested in it. It was well taken care of and fit the cruiser style he wanted. He leaves the dealership and heads for home to think this Ace over.

Having the wifes bike issue taken care of I still wasn't sure as to what I wanted so I stop back into Action Honda to look again and spot this 02 black and red Ace and decide then and there to buy it. A few days later Steve comes back to check out this Ace he had seen and finds that its gone so he decides on an 07 Aero, just like the one I bought my wife.

Now fast forward to now. I bought my Ace last November and then join this forum so I could learn more about Shadows. In the meantime Steve also decides to join this forum to learn more about his new Aero and I happen to see one of Steve's post's on here. I was intrigued because I see he lives close by to me so we start PM'ing each other. I invite him along to our Wild Hogs movie ride and we go out to dinner afterwards and had a great time socializing. Over the course of a month or two we have chatted back and forth and talked over the phone several times and become friends.

Yesterday we decided to ride over and meet up at Action Honda for coffee and donuts. Once there he walks over to check out my 02 Ace and turns and looks at me and says " Wow, thats the same ACE I was looking at buying last year. Turns out we had the same salesman and we also were both looking at buying this same Ace. I had happened to head into the dealer and buy it just before he made it back there. He never knew I was the one who bought the ACE and I never knew he was looking at buying it until today.

It's a dang small world isn't it. :)

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