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I learned that I'll be traveling to KS on 1/31 to run a half marathon on 2/1. Weird time of year to travel to KS, but my friend will be in the area doing a seminar. My boss lives in the town that we're running. AND..... It's an event with a chocolate theme! Very inexpensive trip really... I just had to purchase roundtrip plane tix that were very reasonable and the half marathon fee was only $50.....

I learned that I placed 4th on my age group at yesterday's 5K. I missed 3rd place by 30 seconds. Oh well.......

I learned that we had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving with my parents and sister. No fighting. Just lots of jokes and fun.... And food..... Tons of food.....

I learned that I'll be seeing a High School friend for lunch. His parents live near my parents so we see each other every Black Friday for lunch....

What have YOU learned this week?
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