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Rule #1: Get the concept down as a 'speed event change.' Who enters faster, has less drag, friction, is the leader.
1. Air Cleaner box - Is more or less closed around the intake of the carb. There is your friction speed. Takes time to start at the intake opening of the box, the filter and screen-big friction factor, then into the open chamber of the box. Lots of drag at those entry and exit points.
2. Madonna Titty Thing - Simply less restrictive shows the air enters sooner, or easier to pass, or nature acts like electricity and finds the shortest path. Of course it still pulls heavy, friction like drag out of a hole, but you are up against formula like it's amazing how a neighbor retires and moves away, leaving me with a couple of books on thermodynamics. Math, no; the abstract written, kind of. Once I saw 'formula' for every fuking thing on earth, you be fuking wit air speed.
Formula says box needs this square per pull, I mean, I can make up this kind of sheet up, and sure asshit a formula will be in that fatass book.
3. Cover that woman up - Hose me nylon over and over till speed tiits, equally meets; speed [of the] box. That says two flavors out of both. (1)Engine- the layer will block more microns, keep the pleats cleaner, being dead open in the air, and aimed in that direction. (2)Throttle- the point of the whole speed event is to throw layer over it not jet.

Laymen as close as I get
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