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I got a deal on a 2000 Honda Shadow Ace 750, I moved up to this after owning a Honda Rebel 250 for around 9 months. I'm loving this bike! But there seems to be a wiring issue. The battery isn't getting charged as I ride, and the wiring under the right side cover, well when I wiggle some plugs n cable bundles there, the neutral light and some other lights go OFF, and I can't start the bike. When I wiggle it again, VOILA! I have power, and would start. After riding quite a bit around my home, apparently the battery wasn't being charged so it got too weak to restart the battery.

I own a multimeter, I've done a bit of DIY on my vehicles and the Rebel, I wish to gain some insight as to what to expect out of the cables and plugs on that right side of the Shadow since that's very likely where the problem lies.

BTW, I've already read a lot on this site, just nothing that relates to my particular problem. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

P.S. My name is Juan, I'm from Puerto Rico ( And currently live here too)
This seems to be a great forum!
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