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So it takes 3 new post to be a full member... (and ramblin on)

When my retirement paper went thru bout 6 mo ago I first thought I'd get a light weight Rebel, hung around on the Rebel Forum( nice forum too), learned a bit bout Rebels and tried out quite a few Rebels - but my wife took a pic of me on a Rebel and it was bit too small for me... so I tried a couple Shadows 600 VLX's - Nice! Either would have been OK, but Nice bikes his summer are abit Too Outlandishly priced lately - Way over the suggested KBB book value - and would be a very foolish purchase as soon as purchased, dumped or stolen - a bike isnt even worth low trade in (from an Ins claim viewpoint). I aint cheap at all, but as the saying goes: A Fool and his money Soon Part! I literally couldnt find Nice Rebel pr VLX at anywhere near a reasonable price(book value)...
So I got a Shadow Spirit! Even slightly dammaged at that - Perhaps might even have stolen a Very Nice Bike that can be easily fixed... (but the tank aint fixed yet, nor have I put much more than a hundred miles on it yet - but so far so good)

Actually, I'm gonna fix it myself. As mentioned I grew up on a farm, and as onea the last people to be drafted(69-71) I was a Hellicopter mechamic/CrewChief [mos 67N] in the Army, before the GI bill put me thru college (Purdue BS Applied Math/Computer Sci). Am not a pro mechanic, but not bad.

After a full career as a Software Engineer( the fancy name for a competent certified Pgmr and Database Admin) - returning to the country after always having to work in the city is gonna be pure pleasure - Have always loved Tenn and now I'm gonn live there! Loudon Tn and on the Little Tennessee River - Tis beautiful place - 4 mild seasons and not too cold!)

Anyway back to Tank Fixin - Dont mess with a dented tank that aint leakin is the advice I'm gettin... and I've got the compressor and gear for fixin and paintin.... I think this is gonna be easy (after all I learned how to patch n paint helicoptors in the army[good nuff for Govt work] - aint half bad)
Gonna hit the tank with a spinnin stiff metal brush to bare metal, fill and ruff shape with Epoxy, smooth/shape with epoxy faring/glazing, HiFill prime, finish paint and buff! This "Should" be easy and not expensive at all.
Its awork of pride and pleasure if ya get into such sfuff.

What do others think? about the Dont mess with it and just epoxy fill and finish...
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