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Kuryarkyn Hwy Pegs?

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Just saw a website selling Kuryakyn Cruiser Pegs (mounting brackets that would allow the fitment of highway pegs without using the typical engine gurard setup) for Honda Shadow 1100s. Anyone had any experience with these? The installation page didn't have any pictures and read as a simple bolt on procedure, which makes me suspicious. Bolt on to what? LOL. Thanks for your help. Coyote
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I have an 04 1100, I have the Kuryakyn peg mounts, which I love, they work great, and or easy to mount. Look at where your stock pegs or mounted, there is a chrome bolt to the top and bottom, these are the only bolts you remove and the pegs mount there. Being able to change your feet/leg position, makes for a better ride (sorry I don't have any pics)
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