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I purchased this jacket
in a 4X from Branson Wholesale.

Normally I wear a 56 Long(3X) and was expecting this jacket to be a little loose 'cause I plan on having some mesh pockets installed so that I may armor the jacket back and sleeves.

Well that ain't gonna happen till I drop 20 pounds! The Flag jackets on this site are made in China and are cut super small Had I not ordered 4X I would not even be able to zip the jacket up.

Don't get me wrong the jacket is well made and good looking. They are just smaller than you would expect in a 4x and the leather is not as thick as you would normally get in a riding jacket. It is not as thin as my dress leather jacket, but it is not the heavy grain you see in true leather riding suits. I would say it is about halfway in between.

I would have gotten this to wear even if I were not riding. It is a good quality jacket...just not true riding leather.
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