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rmw said:
According to the literature I have, Ohio uses the ALT-MOST (Alternate Motorcycle Operator Skills Test) which is the same test used in Indiana. Ohio may have modified the test, but this is the basic info.

The ALT-MOST has seven specific skill tests. A tight left hand turn. Normal stop in a rectangle. Cone weave. Right hand U-Turn. Quick stop. Swerve. The quick stop and swerve are timed tests and you must be going between 12-20 mph when doing those tests.

You lose points for riding outside lines, putting your foot down during exercises, stalling the bike and typically it is an auto fail if you drop the bike.

The riding exam isn't a gimme. In Indiana about 20% of the riders fail it on the first attempt and about 10% of the riders fail to pass repeated attempts. From experience I'd add that about 30% of riders who do pass do so with a significant number of deductions on the test and perhaps only 1 rider in 20 rides the test clean. Also from experience about 1-2 riders out of 40 will drop their bikes during the test.

If you do a search here on ALT-Most I posted a detailed overview of the test and there is also an outline of it with diagrams of the test at The last link goes into the most detail.

As an FYI, the reason I know this stuff is because I'm a contract license examiner for Indiana. I work for ABATE which has the contract to administer the license exams for IN-DMV. Last year I tested some 200 riders.
From a purely skill based perspective I understand the right hand U turn, but it's silly from a practical test based point...isn't it?
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