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Hi guys, i been trawling through the search forum thingy, but cant find anything on the question i like an answer to.

I want to fit a light bar to my 2014 shadow black spirit. thing is i want to run the extra lights together with the headlamp when that comes on,

I intend to run them with same wattage bulbs as the headlamp,

can i wire these direct to the headlamp circuit, or would i have to wire them in separately? what i don't want is to clutter the bars with switches that look out of place, or could i put a relay into the light circuit, inside the lamp shell.

Good luck trying to run auxiliary lights with the same wattage along with your headlight. Running 3 55/60 Watts bulb at the same time is not recommended. Don't be surprised if your bike just quits if you do most of your commuting in the city. Do a little research before you decide to this anyway.
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