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(1) Get all lights changed to LED's on my FlyinJenni. << Got 100% of the parts; just no time.>>

(2) Help younger Brother sell his cherry '09 VT750C2F pretty daym cheap, even with all the extras. And buy or trade for a bigger one, ASAP.

(At the risk of blasphemy, and being tarred and feathered here: It just ain't big enough. For it's size, it runs like a molested monkey, since we're not supposed to say: r*ped ape. It just ain't big enough. Will be doing some longer rides; likely to be relocating soon, where longer rides are common. And we ain't small riders.)

(3) An enclosed trailer big enough for both bikes, to hitch behind the motorhome.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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