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Today, There was a bike show in the local city over here in East coast Canada. Anyways I figured I'd post some pics of the bikes that were there, I guess most of the builders boycodded the show due to the mangement of it, most of the custom bikes were done by the local Victory dealership.

All I can say, I really really want a Victory, even more then before, for the money, I wouldn't even consider a Harley compared to the Victory, the quality is amazing. They also had the Victory Vision there, It was different, I liked some of the styling but I didn't like others, Of course they wouldn't let you sit on it though, I seen some paint scrapes so I guess they wouldn't let anyone on after that.

One of the best bikes there!

Yep, Thats a 330

Better picture

Something I never noticed on the Ness Victory's, Diamond cut Fins. It looked absolutley cool.

Cool front fender, Those are the turn signals molded into the fender, Looks great, but not really functional (they are to low to be seen at all)

Rear view of the above bike

A different take on a cruiser, really short and looked good. The paint was something else, In the front of the tank the base would be black with red flames and as it moved to the back of the tank it went to a red base with black flames without being obvious

Awesome hypercharger, It had a mirror type backing and LEDs making in appear that is was hollow

Nice Victory

M109R 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) I wanted one ever since I seen it on the internet

And of course, A Harley :) The V-ROD

Of course there were more bikes, but most of them were just plain stock.
There was Ural,Ducati,Hyosung, Aprilla and others, Many many vendors everywhere, it was worth the $5!.

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I visited the same show once I got my buddy to pick me up on top of my long 300 foot driveway which I wasn't able to drive up on with my car and barely could walk up (fell on my a$$ 3 times). That was one wicked ice storm we had overnight.
The Victory bikes had nice paint jobs although they aren't really my thing as far as bikes go.
I had never heard of Hyosung bikes before and they weren't too bad although they seem to concentrate more on sportsbikes and scooters.
All in all it was a good show and it sort of got the juices flowing for spring to come so we can start riding again :D
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