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Im envious of you. I wish you a safe and memorial trip. I hope to do the same on my bike in the very near future. Take your time, take it all in. I did a cross country from San Diego to Maine in my truck and travel trailer a few years back and have always regretted not taking more time.
The link you posted was excellent! Some of the ideas really stood out and I thought were great ideas. First thing is a no-brainer, a GPS. The uses are many more then just getting from point a to b. And you can integrate a few of the articles idea with your GPS.
It mentions to take one day off a week for doing nothing. This is perfect to just drive off with no route plugged into the GPS, but still know where you are. My Garmin (Nuvi1100 $90 and I love this thing!) will show where Ive been (like bread crumbs) and exactly where I am at the push of a convenient button. Essential in an emergency. I also like it cause I can see other land features around me on the map I wouldnt have otherwise had known about, that I may want to check out ie, quick dip in a river near by.. I also use a feature on it called "Eco". It tracks my driving habits and scores me and I can track my mpg more efficiently.
The article also mentioned "doing routine maintenance at home with your bike’s toolkit, so you’re sure you have what you need along the side of the road". And "It is possible to use a kit to make emergency repairs on tubeless or tube-type tires alongside the road. But before you count on this as your safety net, practice using the kit on an old tire in your garage".
These ideas are excellent! Im all about preparedness, PM, and practicality. Kinda made me think about what tools I carry right now. I just assume whats in my toolkit is adequate for a local trip situation. But being out on the open highway is a whole different animal. The can of fix a flat is also pretty **** good idea.
Have a good trip and post pix along the way while resting up in your hotel room!
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