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It was pretty much a 'no duh' list.

Adders: First aid kit with chemical ice, sun screen and tobacco for insect stings.

Just got back from BC and a smart phone would have been way helpful when looking for a bike shop open on a Saturday, with a 120-90-17 front tire in stock and staff/time to install. Found one by pure BS accident. Also for hotels, campgrounds, weather and highway conditions. This is one addition we will be making.

Breakaway throttle controller. I use a Rocker but even that gets ouchie after 8 hours - Cramp Buster is a better product. Regular throttle locks make me nervous, especially since there were two near misses with deer on this outing. Not an issue with a Breakaway.

I find GPS to be useless most times. A cheat sheet with "US 101 to WA 102" in big letters is the best reference while 'on the fly'. BUT.....a smart phone with internet and GPS capability? Oh yeah!

Forget the miles per day BS unless it is all highway riding. Operate on an 'hours in the saddle' schedule instead.

Wish I could scheme up a way to make a motorcycle tow bar so another bike could get pulled into the next burg.

Tools, everything you need to do regular maintenance including feeler gauges for valves and electronic tire pressure gauge. I have stickers on the bikes for oil pressures, oil filter #, valve settings, torques, etc. PS: Fix-a-flat wont work on tube tires.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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