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Losing Power?

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So instead of going all out and cutting out baffles on my 02 Sabre, I drilled a hole in the middle and then ran a steel rod threw it to open it up a bit.
Its louder, not at all super loud, but louder at idle, no back pop down shifting or anything. Someone mentioned it sounded like a 4wheeler but he is an idiot so I dont really trust that. The question is with it being more open am I loosing any power or is it just the opened up exhaust causing more of a rumble and I am feeling it more in the throttle when I accelerate. Sometimes on hills it feels like I need or could down shift but no shaking or anything, I give it a little gas and it gas really good. OPinions?
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I doubt it had anything to do with your exhaust mod. You really have to open the exhaust up to change your torque.
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