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new from louisiana. my girlfriend and i met about 3 months our first date was a motorcycle ride. she lives in Mississippi. i have owned an '08 sportster for about 6 years now and she just bought an '07 750 shadow off her brother. shes been riding that bike for the last 3 years though. just finally got money to buy it.

i joined the site cause i know i'll be the guy to fix her bike when the time comes and i'm making this post just to complete the required 3 threads before becoming a full member. my point is, i'll probably be on and off this site for a while until i learn her bike well enough to fix it on my own.

i have a pretty extensive background with automotive work. along with some recent machining background. i have an old dodge truck thats been a project for about 3 years now. including building and installing a new engine. i've tinkered and installed some aftermarket parts on my harley.

the first thing i need to fix is the chain on her bike. being a recent model harley owner is, i dont have much experience dealing with chains. heres the "i need" thread i posted earlier.

looking forward to the knowledge you guys are willing to pass on. my name is matt by the way.

sorry for the book.

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Hey matt! Welcome to the forum! From reading your other post, it sounds like you need a new chain and while your at it, sprockets. The 525 is the link size and the 122 or 124 is the link count you need. If you want it to last a while, get a good o-ring chain and sprockets and follow the manual to maintain proper tension and lubrication.
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