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I've searched this forum and a few others and have not found this question addressed, so here it is.

2005 Shadow Aero 750 (Shaft Drive)

Will I damage the shaft drive or U-joint if I install struts WITH a lowering kit?
I already had the lowering kit installed and decided to "hardtail" it with struts as well.
I've read that the struts are made to the lowest specs you can SAFELY go, but that's installing them at the factory shock mounting points, not with the lowering kit.

I already installed them (see photos) and the rear fender does not rub on the tire, and I've noticed no difference in acceleration or anything else when it comes to riding it (except for the obvious lack of rear suspension).

The drive shaft is at a slight angle coming from the transmission now, but nothing too extreme. Plus the drive shaft is made to flex a bit..

Again, I've done a lot of research and have not found this question asked before.

Should I be concerned I'm damaging the drive shaft, or roll with it and be good?

Please chime in if you have any useful info to offer.

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