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I found four magazines that I had stashed away. All four are from June 1985. Apparently, Honda did not start building the VT1100 until the spring of 1985. I bought my Shadow in August 1985. It’s interesting to read the articles again.

¼ mile… 13.22 sec. 99.00 mph
Claimed power… 80 bhp @ 6500 rpm
Top speed… 116 mph

¼ mile… 12.99 sec. 100.7 mph
“The VT1100 Shadow is assembled in Ohio using complete engines shipped from Japan.” “Honda expects that it will be producing 110 big Shadows per day by the time you read this, and expects to sell about 10,000 of the machines here this year, making it the best-selling liter-class bike.”

Price of a 1985 XLX-61 Sportster 4599

¼ mile… 13.022 sec. 100.33 mph
Top speed… 112 mph
“the 700’s ignition fires its plugs every 360 degrees, whereas the 1100’s ignition includes a sensor mounted on the rear cylinder’s camshaft to kill the waste spark on the exhaust stroke. The system is designed to eliminate backfiring during deceleration. The big VT’s ignition system also prevents its plugs from firing when the engine is turning less then 300 rpm, to prevent kickbacks that might damage the starter.”

1983 VT750C ¼ mile… 12.906 sec. 100.78 mph

¼ mile… 12.84 sec. 104.44 mph
Price… 4198

Price of a Harley Wide Glide… 8399
Price of the VT700C Shadow… 3148

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That's pretty cool! I would have been 7 then, and didn't even know what a motorcycle was.... how time flies! I love seeing the prices, it seems that you could have bought a new 700 then and sold it today and almost break even! You'd even make a profit on the H-D's.
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