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Just thought I'd write something up in case someone is looking to install this kind of windshield and the instructions weren't enough. Spent a few hours putting it together slowly tonight and can't wait to test it out! Let me know if a picture is not showing up and I'll hopefully be able to edit the post.

  • 2003 Honda Shadow 750 ACE Deluxe

  • 5'7" - when mounted, windshield top comes up to nose-height. Riding position would be normal, looking over windshield.

  • Memphis Shades Memphis Fats 17" w/ 7" cutout (MEM3210)
  • Memphis Shades trigger lock system (2321-0059)

  • 7/16" long socket
  • 8mm long socket
  • 3/16" allen wrench (included in mounting kit)
  • 6mm Long arm allen wrench (included in mounting kit)

Windshield assembly
Laying out the windshield and trigger lock brackets, the brackets will be installed using the bottom and third bolt up. Note that the brackets will follow the curvature of the windshield itself, with the tabs pointing outward.

In order to remove the cap nut, use a 7/16" long socket with a 3/16" allen wrench on the other side to anchor the bolt.

This is the windshield bolt assembly, taken apart:

The plastic washer is left out. Reassemble with the bracket in place. Repeat the process with the other side of the windshield and make sure all bolts are tightened.

Mounting Kit Assembly
Beginning with the lower bracket, undo the lower bolts that are attached to either side of the lower bracket. On the bike, remove the two bolts that hold the turn signal bar using an 8mm long socket.

Be careful to note how the bolt fits together - there are two rubber washers and a spacer that fit a certain way on that whole assembly on the bike. I messed this up the first time and it took 20 minutes just to figure out why it wasn't all fitting properly (I flipped the spacer around by accident). Once these are out, carefully slip the lower bracket behind the turn signal bar. I found it easier to tilt the entire bar sideways a bit and slip the bracket in. It'll fit through, just have to be patient and take your time. Once in place, reinstall the bolts.

Moving up to the triple-tree, look for the pinch bolt assembly. In my case, I had plastic chrome covers that hid the pinch bolt.

Pry them off if you have them and the bolt will be exposed.

Using the 6mm allen wench, remove the pinch bolts from the triple-tree. These will not be needed again as the kit comes with replacement bolts.

Install in this order: Spacer | top bracket | washer | bolt provided in the kit. Hand tighten very loosely. Using the bolts that were taken off the lower bracket, use them to mount the upper bracket to the lower bracket with the top bracket resting over the lower bracket. Be sure that both upper and lower brackets are not pinching any cables.

Once alignment looks good enough, test fit the shield; if everything looks fine, tighten all bolts up and you're done! Test ride and adjust as necessary.


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Great write up (and with including errata...we learn more from what doesn't work than what does...) and Thanks.
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