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Hey everyone I am new to this site and I live near Mt Clemens. I was wondering if any of you near me would like to get together and talk about starting a riding club. Maybe just put together a few rides at least. I'm 35 and not interested in joining an MC though i am affiliated in the community of it all but it's not for me as a member...

Honestly i would like to hook up with some like minded people and put some miles on the bike. I like to head toward the port Huron area for my rides and shoot up M25 usually solo. My wife rides with me sometimes but I've never took her for a 2 up long ride yet. Mostly under and hour one way.

These days most my friends are into the wrong things or they are into the family thing and none of them ride. I make good money at my job and wanna blow some of it doing what I love...and that's riding.

Hit me up if you are interested.....reply here or shoot me a PM.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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