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Yeah they are great tires for Shadows. My Mech said that they would ad 10 MPH to my turns. He was rite.

Where I used to live there was this 25 MPH curve. I'd take it at 35 with the Dunlops but it would be a fight and it felt like the bike was on the edge of control. With the Metz 35 felt like nothing, at 45 I'd just have to lean into the turn and I didn't have to think about it. I'm sure 55 would have been fine with counter steering but I'm not a bold rider, hoping to be an old rider!

Next On the highway there was this grove where the layers of asphalt meet each other. The road used to go off to the left but now they have it straitened out. I'd have to be ready and fight the Dunlop tires to keep from following the old traffic pattern and going off the road. The Metz tires act like that grove is not even there.

What is funny is that 90% of people love them on their shadows but the Gold Wing guys hate them. We have three guys in our club who tired then and said that they got a funny vibration like the wheel was out of balance.
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