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Metzler Tires - mileage

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I have read posts on the board about people getting about 8,000 miles on their tires, especially the rear.
I was looking at paperwork today in my garage and found that I have about 9,000 miles on my Metzlers. They still both look like new, no perceptible wear at all. I keep the rear at 42 lbs and the front at 38 lbs. What kind of mileage are you getting from your tires? What brand?
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when I bought the bike it had a metz on the back and dunlop front. I swapped out the front for another metz...

so far, the front has 1k (and a few nubbies still on the sides...) and the back is unknown, but shows almost no wear, so can't be to far into the triple digits...
Glad to hear the Metzlers hold up, I will be getting a pair soon. Bought a new Shadow 1100 Spirit last year and the cord is already showing on the stock rear Dunlop at 4,600 miles.......very disappointed.
I have over 15k miles on front and rear Metz's. Both are finally showing wear (but not that bad) and I will probably replace before this spring.
I have 5300 miles on my stock Dunlops on my 05 Shadow Spirit. They look good so far. I will consider Metzlers when time to replace based on the positive comments on this board.
I am on my 3rd set of Metz on the Spirit and get 20k out of the rear tire before it was gone. The front tire went around 25-30k.

I got about 18k out of the stock Dunlop though (front only...the rear lasted 8k).

But, the difference in handling and road feedback...both in dry and wet conditions.
I have over 17,000 on my Metzelers and are just starting to show a little wear. I know they could go 20,000 easy but plan on replacing them before the Honda Hoot in late June just because. I'll have about 20,000 on them by then no problem. :D
I have 16K on my Metz 880's, rear tire has 3/32 left when measured. Front has about 6/32 I run 41 rear, 33 front psi.
I have 19K on my rear Metzeler and yes it is finally bald (flat as can be) you can't even feel the tread in the center of the tire :p lol. But, I could have gotten longer if I wasn't on the gas most of the time, and the odd burnout.
I just blew out my IRC rear tire at 7940 miles. Should have changed it a few miles earlier I guess.

I wouldn't mind a higher mileage tire the next time around.
My stock Dunlaps were done at 9400 miles (rear) and 13K (front).
Have 7600 on the 880 Metzler rear and the front Metzler still looks new at 3k "+".
I have my stock Bridgestones.... over 16,000 on both and very little wear... maybe i'm riding it wrong :? :shock: LOL
I have a little over 13,000 miles on the stock Dunlops. I keep checking the wear markers and I can't see the top of Lincolns head yet, but I am looking and pricing new rubber.

I'm riding a 2000 1100 Shadow Aero. Only got about 8k miles on the rear stock Dunlop. Close to 10 k on the front stock Dunlop D404. I changed the rear to a Metz 880 early summer. It rode ok mixing them, but the front was a tad worn.
I want to put maching Metz's but can't find white wall for both tires. I can find the rear one all day long but the front has been impossible to find since the beggining of summer 06. Any-hoo I'm looking at replacing the front with a stock Dunlop and keeping the Metz on the rear.
I have 6000 on my stock dunlops.The rear needs changing but the front looks pretty much like new.Hoping i can get a little extra cash for some Metzlers.
I have gotten 12000 2x from my rear Metz on my spirit 1100. I am very conservative and replace at about 1/8 tread. Handling vrs Dunlop stock is night and day
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