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Well this thread went as predicted.

That link is from 2013. The bill passed. One of two times it passed recently. The governor vetoed it (A passed bill is not a law until it's signed). Unsure if there was an attempt to override the veto but likely not enough of a supermajority to do so anyway.

It's a dance that happens when a seat comes up. Congresspersons throw up a bill to appease a lobby or group of voters they they know full well won't become a law. Gov. Nixon has promised to veto any law that allows riders to go helmet-less. Period. So while the current governor is in office any bill doing the same is simply a waste of our time as taxpayers. Just fluff to get in the news.

Interestingly, both times this was originally going on I saw helmet-less riders in my area. Probably heard on the news a headline to the effect of "House passes bill allowing..." and, since they didn't pay attention in the 3rd grade; they thought that meant they can go without their helmet! (For a refresher; first passes House, then has to pass Senate. Then on Governors desk to be signed, vetoed, or ignored. Signed, it becomes law. Vetoed, it can go back for a vote and if it passes both houses by 2/3rds it becomes a law without the need for the Governors signature. So don't get too excited when the headlines exclaim that the bill passes the House. It probably will again and again and again. But it won't get past our current Governors desk).
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