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Hi guys,
i got a 1997 Honda Shadow 1100c last fall and the battery side cover was stolen. Ive been trying to find one but my bike has absolutely no model information on it what so ever because the previous owner removed it all and the only thing left on it that says honda are the case covers. When my insurance agent punched it in it gave a list of shadows so she picked one and she told me the vin would be no help?????? She just put in 1997 honda shadow which i believe is the reason it brought up the list it did. My title only has Honda MC so its no help. Ive rode all my life and never had this much trouble establishing a model. Ive tried vin# look up sites, but they are absolutely NO HELP! I didn't know if someone on here could pull the info up on my bike with the vin# or not. The vin# is - 1HFSC180XVA102990 and the help would be greatly appreciated so I can be sure I'm getting the right parts for my bike. U can email any info that is found to [email protected]. THANKS!!!!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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