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Hey guys,

Sorry about spamming the Member Introductions forum, just HAD to get my three posts out of the way so I could make my way to the other forums :D

However, I figured these posts had some merit. I'm new to the riding world (after only having ridden my friends yz85 all last summer) and have been totally stoked to get on a cruiser for my first bike.

When I bought my 2001 Honda Shadow VLX 600 Deluxe from a friend, I quickly found out how important it is to keep up with maintenance on these bikes. They seem to run forever, but I'm of the opinion that that's all in how you treat them.

He, however, did not seem to treat it very well. I didn't quite notice it on the test ride (I was getting pretty starry eyed from my first ride) but the chains and sprockets were pretty worn out. The chain had about 2-2.5 inches of slack in it! :shock: On top of this, I would believe he would know what worn chain/sprockets feel like considering he's been riding/racing dirt bikes his whole life.

On top of that, he "lost" the side cover, the seat had a rip in it, and the bike is missing the shadow and vlx emblems on the tank and side covers. I quickly became very fond of and am putting the finishing touches on repairs this weekend :)

I'll let you know how it goes and supply the usual pictures!
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