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:( The SpouseMan has trouble starting his 2001 Sabre 1100; ONLY on the first start of the day. After it has run, it starts up fine. Took it to shop, they changed the plugs, but found nothing wrong, and they said it started right up for them. It was kept inside at the shop; at home it is outside, under a carport. My Ninja sits right next to it, and starts right up, so atmospheric conditions or space ailens aren't to blame. It turns over ok, but won't ignite; or if it does ignite the first time, it dies right away, and won't ingnite again until it is tried many more times. The battery is top-notch. He has had the bike for about a year, and it has always done this; doesn't matter if it is warm or cold outside. He has tried every possible combination of choke/no choke/some choke/gas/no gas, etc. Any ideas? All suggestions are welcomed; I'g getting tired of hearing him whine like a banshee every time it won't start. :evil:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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