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Moto Camping!

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How many of you guys get out and camp on your bikes? I plan to a lot this year! What kind of gear do you take? Have any pictures?

My gear list:
Wool blanket
Northface inferno 20* sleeping bag (totally awesome)
ENO single nest hammock (also, totally awesome)

That covers my sleeping, shelter, warmth, a cover for the bike, a clothes line, and a dry area to stretch my legs if it's raining.

On my bike i have the sleeping bag, all my clothes (one spare junk t shirt and 1 extra pair of old undies, 1 pair of junk socks per day (after use, they become rags/disposed of this is for 4 nights), and the tarp rolled up in the wool blanket and strapped to my handle bars in a dry bag.

Under the headlamp i'll have a fork bag with all my tools to do everything I'd ever need to on the bike including pull carbs, wheels, etc. Duct tape, tire plug kit, some wire, elec tape, spark plugs.

My "saddle bags" (military medic bags) contain:
the hammock (size of a soft ball)
military mess kit in it I have salt n pepper packets, coffee bags (like tea bags), mayo packets since i love mayo in my ramen noodles.. newspaper, 2 lighters, spoon.
fixed blade knife
2 cans of chili
2 packs of crushed ramen
first aid kit I put together with mostly everything id need
100' para cord (infinite uses)
atlas straps for hanging hammock about anywhere
toilet paper
sunglasses (don't need clear as i wear a full face with clear lens)
wool glove liners for if it gets cold riding
bug spray
bar of soap/tooth paste and brush/deodorant/baby wipes
swim trunks
monkey butt powder (essential to trip lol)
flask with my choice of likker for takin the edge off a long day
water purification tablets

This fills one of my bags.

The other side will have rain gear and be left open for beer/if i get too warm and need to pack in some clothes/souvenirs

On me while riding:
wallet with $200 cash for 5 days
emergency credit card
small multi tool
springfield xds .45 (i'm legal in about 33 states, the one's im not i don't visit)
Spare bike key in wallet
snacks like granola bars or something

Also strapped to the bike is a canteen with canteen cup for boiling water/heating chilli/ramen. Million other uses.

I tested my hammock and sleeping bag last night. If you've never slept a night in a hammock... DO IT NOW. I don't even want to sleep in my bed ever again. I'm happier today and my back doesn't hurt at all!

I'd post a pic of my bike all loaded up but i have the front end off for fork seals.

So, do you moto camp? Anything you can't go without? Comment, share, post pics, have fun!
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^ well that defeats the purpose!
I wouldnt need that much stuff either if i had people i was meeting, especially ones with cars. A lot of my stuff i consider to take up no space, and if i have the space i may as well use it instead of packing light. Rather have it and not need it than need jt and not have it.
Haha i love that pic! Im about ready for my 2000+ mile trip. Just have to make my bags attach at the bottom and ill be ready. Oh, and purchace my fork bag for my tools. Im going on this if yoi all havent seen my bike yet.


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