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I think you hit it squarely on the head. There are a lot of Boomers out there buying great big bikes they aren't ready to handle. It takes seat time to learn all of things you need to know. You don't get it group riding to the local Denny's for breakfast. When all of your attention is devoted to manuevering a big bike around, it takes much longer to learn to see and avoid hazzards. My wife spent nearly 2 years on her VLX polishing her skills. She has moved up now but that would not have been possible had she started on a big bike. I read every week, forum members encouraging new riders to "go big". Yes, they may have outgrown their smaller bikes in a year but they learned alot....and lived to talk about it.

The average rider only puts 600 miles/year on his bike. (I know, I know that all of you are big time, high mileage riders.) Sadly that is true and many of them are in way over their heads. The last 2 bikes we bought were from riders who thought they wanted to ride but were scared to death to be out on the road. We recently looked at a 2 year old Nomad with 43 miles. Only ridden twice, scared rider to death. How about an '06 Kaw 900 LT with 103? Same reason. A local broker estimates there are 10,000+ late model Harleys parked in garages here in Phoenix for the same reason.
Most of us over 50 have grown children and more disposable income. It's easy to walk into the dealership and plunk down a wad of cash for a big ol' Billy Bob cruiser to impress our friends. Statistically, a lot more of us than necessary are dying because of it.
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