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For what it's worth, I'm another member of the 50+ group (53), with little riding experience. Got my license (through the MSF course) about a year ago after not riding since I was 19.

Bought an Aero 750, spent LOTS of time in parking lots and neighborhoods before being comfortable enough to take it "on the road".

I ride because I love it. Pure and simple. I put about 5,000 miles on last year since getting my license in May (not bragging, just that's what it is). I ride every chance I get, including to/from work, etc. I know I have little experience, and I believe I ride with that in mind.

The only thing I was thinking as an "older" (gee, I hate saying that) rider is that I think I'm maybe more cautious than some younger guys? Maybe I don't accelerate as fast (well, I do have an Aero 750...) or corner as fast. And 65 MPH or so is fast enough for me so far.

Anyway, bottom line, what the heck, I love to ride, and hope to continue to do so for a long time. And I do hit the gym 2-3 times a week trying to keep fit enough for this and all the other stuff I want to do! 8)

By the way -- this is a great forum. I don't post much, but read it almost every day. Thanks to everyone who posts so much good info.
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