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I just picked up an HJC IS33 II, wine red, medium. It's a 3/4 with internal sunshield and interchangeable face shield/visor.
Why that one;
Wine colored: RED and goes with my bike's paint scheme. I would've preferred pearl white for the higher visibility (most police wear white), but it isn't available. Had a black helmet when I got hit, and one of the driver's arguments was that my black helmet, jacket and chaps made me less visible at twilight. (Even on a bright red bike with a ton of chrome.)
HJC medium: I can squeeze into a small, but HJC medium fits my pointy head, without crushing my glasses.
3/4: Glasses, claustrophobia, and large windshield.
Interchangeable face shield/visor (beak/bill - whatever you want to call it): Shield for colder weather, visor for warmer, sunnier. The shield also messes with the polarization of my sunglasses and, to a degree, the windshield.
Internal sunshield: Not sure I like it. It doesn't come down far enough to suit me, and it has a tendency to rattle without the face shield on.
Material: Polycarbonate. Not as brittle as most plastics but not as light as carbon fiber.
Ventilation is adjustable and more than adequate.
Since I was coming from another HJC, similar style, I knew what the fit was like, but I tried on a boat load of helmets, before buying the first one.
I bought it on Amazon, but be careful if you go that way. This model hasn't been out that long, but other tried and true helmets may be old stock (8-10 years) somebody is looking to dump to unaware riders looking for a good deal.
Overall: don't cheap out, get something that fits correctly and has the style and features you want.
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