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I love demotivational posters! I used to hand them out to my troops (students) when they screwed up.

truth told yesterday was the first i ever heard the term "demotivational"
and the "despair" name of the website was sort of creepy to me.

but it does allow one to make a poster even if not "demotivational". i get it though, they can be used in training and breaking of bad habits to those under your command/control.

Just what I needed to see, and me 150 miles away from my bike. Thanks a lot. ;-)

nice work Greg, and superb use Dingo.

old dad
Thanks Old Dad! Are you "visiting" again being 150 miles away from your bike?

I have used Motivator for years

Figures you would have known about Motivator already Dave :-o

Dave, will you please post just the picture from the "Back Roads" poster,
I want to take a whack and making one for that pic.

btw, the "Back Roads" is an excellent poster! Great Pic too.

Here's my attempt.

I like it! :D

Greg, don't think i haven't noticed all the changes you have made to your bike, because i have noticed. Man you got your bike looking good.

You need to take some pics of that baby and post them. I know the weather effects the quality of image so we may have to wait, but post some pics showing all the mods to your bike please.

1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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