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Loving my '01 Spirit (thousand miles in under a month) but I can tell it's not set up for me for an all day trip. After about 30 minutes I start feeling a twinge between my shoulder blades (pinched nerve from way back).

I've brought the handlebars down and back about one inch with Rox Speed risers and that helped. I've considered an extra set of footpegs set back in a more neutral position, but that would be too involved to install (and I'm not even talking moving the shifter or brake pedal back). It also feels better if I make a special effort not to hunch over.

So right now I'm thinking moving my seating position forward would be a good option. This would have the benefit of both reducing my "hunch over" as well as effectively reducing the relative forward position of the footpegs. I don't think it would need to be drastic. One or two inches should be plenty.

I would like to try some "temporary" solutions (i.e. prototypes) to get my seating position right, then move to getting a permanent seat made to those dimensions.

And of course I'd like to do this as cheaply as possible (hence the thread title).

So has anyone here gone through a similar process? Any and all tips/suggestions/responses are welcome.

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