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Badluck woke up in a foul mood, stretched and farted, gave off a stream of curses, and threw a poison spiked gutter ball my way.

I side stepped it and fell in some crap, yep it's gonna be that kind of day.

Two hours late for a job i need, seems like Badluck knocked down some pins
after all.

The boss didn't say a word when I walked in, it was then I knew the axe was
going to fall.

John he said at the end of the day, you and I need to have a chat

You have been late often and out a lot to, I have to let you go, and that is that.

On the way home I was pulled over for a tail light that was working this morning just fine

Now ain't that just the icing on the cake, no job and now a fine!

I hate my life, I hate my friends, I sure as **** hate this lousy car

Maybe I should have it out with him now, I'll meet Badluck at the bar

Well we met up there, we had it out , we got into such a fight

But then we sat and had a drink or two and ended up best buds that night

Now he still pisses me off now an then and sometimes he throws a wrench or two but he's toned it down

but he's got the coolest old car collection in the state, and he's the best blues guitarist in town.
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